Academy research fellow graduated from the School of Information Security for protection against infodemia

The Maidan Monitoring Information Center conducted a competitive selection for the School of Information Security for self-help groups during the infodemia.

Information self-help groups will work in local communities to overcome the effects of aggressive Russian propaganda and help reduce anxiety, aggression and insecurity. They will combine educational work to understand the impact of information on human behavior and support their membership in overcoming the negative effects of infodemia.

The program of the School consisted of four weekly modules, thematically combined in the following areas:

1. How information affects a person.

2. How society influences human decision-making.

3. How a person can create his own system of conscious decision-making.

4. How to create and maintain an information self-help group in your community.

The School’s coaching team selected the most important topics from psychology, neuroscience and cybernetics, social psychology, behavioral economics and public safety, added an analysis of social networks, as well as interesting examples from the history of science and advocacy, self-organization and self-help in Europe and NATO.