Tetiana Marushchak


We provide comprehensive assistance to Ukrainian citizens, foreign nationals and stateless persons to meet their information needs. To this end we provide information, educational and training services, legal and technological assistance, carry out analysis and research, host educational events dedicated to information law, security, strategic communications, as well as cyber security.

Our Academy is registered in Ukraine with the purpose to contribute to the unification of the global community around the humanistic ideas of information society development.


  • We assist Ukraine, its citizens and organizations to build and develop foreign relations, to negotiate cooperation arrangements, host and participate international events;

  • We organize research, educational, cultural, charity programs and activities promoting freedom of relations between Ukraine and other countries in the areas of information law, information security, cyber security and counteraction to cybercrime;

  • We organize and promote think-tanks with prominent scientists and academics, politicians, experts, entrepreneurs specializing in information law and information relations;

  • We promote of integration of Ukraine in European information, political, social and cultural space;

  • We provide scientific and organizational support to strategic communications to counteract disinformation of democratic society and nation-states;

  • We assist in conducting trainings, consultations in the areas of information law, information security and cyber security;

  • We promote cooperation among scientists and experts from Ukraine, the EU member-states, and other countries;

  • We establish, develop, and promote cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union in the areas related to information exchange and education.