Academy's expert speech at the annual PKI FORUM UA

Implementation of Ukraine's commitments under the Association Agreement with the EU in terms of regulatory compliance between the Parties in the telecommunications services sector (updated Annex 17 to the Association Agreement with the EU) requires a more in-depth analysis of existing legislation and the Law of Ukraine "On electronic trust services", "On the basic principles of cybersecurity of Ukraine" and other legislation in the field of information protection.

Ongoing dialogue between stakeholders based on the active involvement of government, business, community and experts, including experts from the International Information Academy, and the development of joint recommendations to accelerate the enhancement of Ukraine's digital economy and society - is the main goal of PKI FORUM UA.

Mechanisms for electronic identification of users, which do not take into account such basic principles as security, personal data protection, authenticity of identification, interoperability, can lead to a violation of cybersecurity of the state.