Academy’s experts’ participation in the round table on countering disinformation in Ukrinform

On November 29, 2023, Academy’s strategic advisor and two experts took part in an interdepartmental round table on the topic: “Spreading disinformation as a threat to National Security: the search for effective countermeasures”, which was held in the premises of the Ukrinform.

The following issues were discussed during the event:

review of the latest techniques and tools for combating harmful informational influence;

study on the vulnerabilities of the Ukrainian information space;

modern developments in the detection of hostile information influence and effective delivery of information to the target audience in order to prevent its consequences;

possibilities of linguistic (semantic-textual) and psychological expertise in countering fake news and messages containing signs of manipulation;

interaction of state and civil institutions in the field of combating the spread of disinformation;

analysis of international experience in combating hybrid threats, etc.

Academy’s strategic advisor presented a report on “Disinformation and artificial intelligence: challenges and opportunities”.