Debut speech of the Academy’s intern on cyberviolence at the Domestic online conference

Academy’s intern Anna Schultz spoke at the online conference “Education against Violence: Methods of Prevention and Response Algorithms” for employees of educational institutions, methodologists teachers, pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers of educational institutions, psychologists. The speech focused on the psychological prevention and counteraction of cyberbullying (cyberbullying, grooming and sexting).

Cyberviolence being a relatively new phenomenon that encompasses a wide variety of crimes, the term is still difficult to define precisely. The T-CY Working Group on cyberbullying and other forms of violence, in its Mapping Study on Cyberviolence, settled on defining cyberviolence as: “the use of computer systems to cause, facilitate, or threaten violence against individuals, that results in (or is likely to result in) physical, sexual, psychological or economic harm or suffering and may include the exploitation of the individual’s circumstance, characteristics or vulnerabilities” (