The public patriotic project “Waiting for you, winners” is aimed to support the fighting spirit of our defenders and the approaching victory of Ukraine over the Russian invader.

The main goals of the project:

Uniting the efforts of the civilized world in the fight against russian disinformation (propaganda);

Additional motivation of the Ukrainian military to be indomitable, strong and confident in our victory;

Minimizing the harmful impact of russian propaganda on morale and psychological climate among Ukrainian defenders.

The concept of the project is to create calendars for 2024 with photos of Ukrainian women who are under protection in Slovakia and Austria.

Help our soldiers gain more confidence and indomitable faith in their own strength. Every day, protecting us with their body and spirit, defending universal civilizational values, they will be sure that their relatives are waiting for them, that they are valued, respected and infinitely loved. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!